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University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL, United States
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Type: Public 4-Year, Research University
Annual Enrollment: 60,767

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The University of Central Florida is one of the largest institutions in the country based on student enrollments, relies heavily on state-allocated performance based funding, and adheres to state legislative mandates regarding college affordability measures. It is within this environment that a team of librarians and instructional designers began advocating for textbook affordability on campus. The librarian/instructional designer working group has called high level meetings with campus stakeholders, presented on textbook affordability at faculty professional development conferences, and worked closely with faculty to support their adoption of no/low-cost course materials. Our approach consists of three models: 1) replace course materials on a one to one basis with library-sourced items; 2) adopt existing OER (such as OpenStax) and integrate into the learning management system; and 3) create an open text.

Campus Details

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OER Policies

Libraries Strategic Plan

Lead efforts and work with pertinent librarians, instructional designers, and program
faculty to adopt affordable alternatives to publisher textbooks, in turn reducing the cost of
education and supporting student retention efforts:
 In conjunction with university partners, develop a clear and easy process for faculty to identify low and zero cost textbooks in their courses.
 Create a streamlined and simplified process to track low and zero cost textbooks each year and share with wider university community.
 Develop and implement an outreach strategy to communicate textbook affordability options and achievements.
 Review current web pages, LibGuides, and other resources on the Library website and ensure they provide current information with user-friendly content on Textbook Affordability topics.

Duration: 07/2019 - Present

Policy Type: Plan

Policy Scope: Affordable course content, including cost-free course content and OER

Governance Level: Academic Division (i.e. a specific college or faculty within the institution)

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Point of Contact

Katy Miller
Student Success/Textbook Affordability Librarian